SXSW│Durán (Hip Hop/ Nü Cumbia)

DURAN has been mixing the traditional folk he grew up hearing with different types of vibrating rhythms since 1999, giving life to a new sound in Colombia called “Nü Cumbia” and a new aesthetics trend that he calls “chirripop.” The style mixes electronic beats with cumbia, champeta criolla, terapia, dance hall and Hip Hop. The lyrics employ a particular magical realism narrative, while fusing it with street slang. The overall sound radiates a potent ‘Colombianness’, with his debut album making the sounds approachable and accessible- while remaining highly danceable.

Durán’s career took a huge leap when he decided to self-construct a tour around South America, with 100 shows- all of which was documented in a 30-episiode reality show for a national TV channel in 2010 called ‘Al Sur Tour. The show put him on the map as one of the most popular alternative artists in 2011. His music videos have since made regular appearances on mainstream latin video channels, while his songs are in constant rotation on Colombia’s most influential radio stations. He’s toured extensively throughout the US and Europe- and is not stopping anytime soon.
Performing at:
Thursday March 17 @ Speak Easy (10:00-10:40pm).
Friday March 18 @ Half Step (11:00pm-11:40pm).


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