SXSW│Velo De Oza (Rock/ “Carranga” Rock)

Velo de Oza has been described by Billboard as a: “…troupe plays a mixture of carranga — folk music from Colombia’s countryside, mostly the state of Boyacá — married to rock and pop. The sound is unique, in large part thanks to the use of traditional instruments like the guacharaca (a sort of tube scraped by a fork to produce a scratching sound) and a fantastic sense of humor both onstage and in recordings. Fun to watch and hear.” The band, from Colombia’s Boyacá region, is characterized by their unique fusion of rock and tradition Carranga sounds. They have been playing together for nine years and are recognized as founders of a genre called ‘Carranga Rock.’

The band’s first LP ‘Sumercé’ was released in 2012 and propelled them onto stages around the world like the Bogotá Music Market, Circulart, and WOMEX.
Performing at:
  • Thursday March 17,  Speakeasy (8:00-8:40pm).
  • Friday March 18, Flamingo Cantina.


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